May 26, 2016   |  Committee News, Roads and Highways


Presented by Stan Pogorzelec , Roads Committee Chairperson ROADS COMMITTEE REPORT According to my recent conversation with the area M.I.T. Roads Supervisor Derwin, the following is being planned for the summer of 2016. This report will cover all the road repair, patchwork and maintenance for all roads under the jurisdiction of M.I.T. in the Whiteshell…

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January 25, 2016   |  Committee News, Roads and Highways

Roads Committee Report January 20, 2016

Presented by Stan Pogorzelec, Roads Committee Chair Nothing new to report regarding Provincial Road 307 or other Park roads as work has now come to a halt, due to winter season. Roads, other than Block roads, are being cleared and in good condition for safe driving. Roads Committee, consisting of myself, Tom Cutts and Ken…

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November 7, 2014   |  Committee News, Roads and Highways

Park Road Conditions

The Province’s Manitoba Parks Strategy promises Provincial Park Road upgrades: “Provincial Park roads in Hecla/Grindstone, St. Malo, Whiteshell and Asessippi Provincial Parks will be repaired, resurfaced or extended to provide safe and convenient access to park facilities and amenities across the province.” Document available at The WCA Infrastructure Committee is currently reviewing the Road…

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March 25, 2014   |  Committee News, Roads and Highways

Vehicle Entry Permit Fees

For 2012 Manitoba Conservation is reinstating provincial park Vehicle Entry fees which have been suspended for the past 3 years.  Historically, each cottage property in the parks was allocated one Vehicle Entry Permit at no charge as the fee was considered to be included in the Service Fees that we pay. After the WCA initiated legal action due to…

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