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September 29, 2017   |  Membership


WCA MEMBERSHIP RISES TO 2175 as of September 29. Two More Good Reasons to become a WCA Member! Receive “Contractor Pricing” at both Star Lumber and Total Lighting Sales effective October 1, 2017. Members are required to present their WCA membership card as proof of membership when shopping at these merchants. At Star Lumber, discounts…

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September 9, 2017   |  Membership

WCA Membership reaches 2134

Membership in your WCA has risen to 2134 as of September 9. HELP US REACH OUR GOAL. If you know of fellow cottagers who are not members, convince them to join today and be part of the strong united voice! The Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association, formed by the WCA and many other provincial…

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August 26, 2017   |  Membership

WCA Membership rises to 2119

Whiteshell Cottagers Association membership has risen to 2119 as of August 26. Enjoy the perks and stand united with us!

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July 29, 2017   |  Membership

2105 WCA MEMBERS as of July 29

Spread the word, join the Whiteshell Cottagers Association today, enjoy the benefits and show your support.

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June 30, 2017   |  Membership

wca membership climbs to 2061

Membership numbers in your WCA are creeping up. Don’t be the only cottager on your block who’s a member – encourage all cottagers to join our united voice!

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June 17, 2017   |  Membership

WCA Membership up to 2040

WCA Membership up to 2040! It’s getting hotter, join the association today to show your support – enjoy the benefits.

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