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The Whiteshell Cottagers Association strive to keep on top of the latest issues that directly affect our members. The following collection are some of the issues we’re currently addressing. Let us know what issues are of concern to cottagers at your lake.

October 13, 2017   |  Committee News, Water Levels

Hydro Weekly Forecast for the Winnipeg River

  Click the link blow for the Hydro Weekly Lake Level Forecast for the Winnipeg River 20171013_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20171006_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170929_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170915_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170908_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170901_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170825_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170818_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg…

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September 29, 2017   |  Membership


WCA MEMBERSHIP RISES TO 2175 as of September 29. Two More Good Reasons to become a WCA Member! Receive “Contractor Pricing” at both Star Lumber and Total Lighting Sales effective October 1, 2017. Members are required to present their WCA membership card as proof of membership when shopping at these merchants. At Star Lumber, discounts…

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September 22, 2017   |  Committee News, MPPCOA News

Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association Update

News Update as at September 22, 2017 Since the fundamental Guiding Principle was jointly established by the Cabin Owners Association and Parks in early summer, a meeting was held in the Parks Office Boardroom on August 17th to further the consultation process. Further recruitment had taken place which resulted in the Hecla North Shore Cottage…

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September 14, 2017   |  Water Levels

Water Levels Committee Report September 13, 2017

Executive Committee Mtg. – Sept. 13, 2017 Water Levels Committee Report 1.   Neil McMillan has agreed to serve as Vice Chair of the cmte.  He is being copied with all communications / correspondence. 2.   No action has been taken following my meeting with Rob Nedotiafko in July.  Correspondence re: tunnel upgrade study by CN &…

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September 9, 2017   |  Membership

WCA Membership reaches 2134

Membership in your WCA has risen to 2134 as of September 9. HELP US REACH OUR GOAL. If you know of fellow cottagers who are not members, convince them to join today and be part of the strong united voice! The Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association, formed by the WCA and many other provincial…

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August 28, 2017   |  Environment

Where to Get Recycle Everywhere Bin Bags

Bin Bags may also be picked up at the following locations: Rennie River Leisure – Domo-Rennie The Mason Jar Store / Mason Plumbing – West Hawk Lake West Hawk Lake Resort– West Hawk Lake Manitoba Conservation: Falcon District Office Falcon Beach Office West Hawk Campground Office  

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