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June 21, 2018   |  Safety Alerts

Staying Cool and Hydrated in Canadian Summers

Here is a reminder on how to handle heat related emergencies.–staying-cool-and-hydrated-in-canadian-summers

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June 15, 2018   |  Safety Alerts

Protect yourself from Lime Disease

Click the link for more information:

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June 11, 2018   |  Safety Alerts

FireSmart Wildfire Prevention

MB Sustainable Development provides important fire prevention information. Click the links below.  

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June 10, 2018   |  Safety Alerts

Safe Boating Guide

Transport Canada provides information about the regulations that apply to pleasure boating as well as boating safety tips at

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June 5, 2018   |  Safety Alerts

What you need to know about poison ivy, sumac and oak

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June 1, 2018   |  Safety Alerts

Manitoba Beach Monitoring Information

Click the link for more information  

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