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February 18, 2015

President’s Report

I want to begin this report with a tribute to a friend and cottager who tragically died of cancer a few short weeks ago. Warren Froese was a fine orthopedic surgeon, a humanitarian and family man of great character. He loved the Whiteshell Park, and in his last days amazingly found time and energy to defend the fragile nature around him from the ill-advised wastewater treatment project at Brereton Lake. His report in the Echo of August 2014, two short months before his death, with its call to arms to all Whiteshell Cottagers, is a fitting tribute to this fine man. We extend our deepest sympathy to Warren’s family and commit to carrying his banner of good works forward. Warren urged us all to follow his lead and be involved with the Cottager’s Association to protect the Whiteshell.

Join the WCA

Despite all of the excitement over the Ministry’s high handed and arbitrary management in the Park, we have been underwhelmed by cottagers’ willingness to join the organization and support our campaign. While we are encouraged to hear supporting comments from many cottagers and friends … ”keep up the good work, we really appreciate what your association is doing for us,” “thanks for stating the case for cottagers,” etc., etc. But the hard metric of paid up memberships reveal more of a story of apathy. Is this a sign of the boiled frog syndro

me that I described in the last Echo? I hope not.




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December 9, 2014

December Echo is Now Available Online for Members

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November 23, 2014

Responding to Cottagers’ Questions

We are experiencing a brisk response to our Email-Blast for membership renewal. One positive result is a huge increase in the number of members who are discovering our rejuvenated website at Large numbers of cottagers are registering on the site and renewing their memberships there as well!

This is a very good result in itself, since up to now, the only ways we could contact our membership were via the Echo and by Canada Post mailings. The Website and our membership email list, now represent important new avenues for us to keep in touch with our members, and for members to keep in touch with us.

On exactly that point, I want to update cottagers on some of the feedback we are getting from members with respect to our campaign for membership renewals.

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November 4, 2014

Cottage Cost Comparisons

Cottage Occupancy Cost Comparisons:

Gimli, Lac du Bonnet, and Whiteshell

In its statements, the government has made claims that amount to slander with respect to cottagers being freeloaders, not paying their fair share, being subsidized by poor widows in Winnipeg etc etc. The WCA is fortunate to have members with expertise that allows the organization to read between the lines of the Ministry’s statements about their service fee and lease rate policies. On careful study, none of these outrageous claims of the government carry any weight. For example, here is an analysis of comparative Occupancy Costs in three regions of the province which reveals the emptiness of the Ministry’s claim that cottagers pay far less in occupancy costs than do landowners in neighboring or similar locations in the province.

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Stop the Manitoba Government's planned Parks Initiative to raise lease and service fees for cottagers.

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