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South Whiteshell Highway #312 Road Flooding Update – October 12, 2019

Posted on: October 12, 2019  |   ,

There have been no significant changes since the last report, water levels continue to rise and will into the coming days. Currently there is flooding on the eastbound lane of Provincial Highway #312 and flood warning signs have been posted at the site indicating “FLOOD WATER”. Manitoba Infrastructure and Sustainable Development will continue to monitor the situation closely and regular updates will be sent out if changes occur.

Caution is advised as the high water levels may impact infrastructure located within the flood waters. No pre-made sandbags are available for distribution at this time but Sustainable Development has set up 4 public accessible areas where empty sandbags and sand are located. These locations include the Caddy Lake Boat Launch area, Green Bay Road behind the garbage cage, West Hawk Lake Maintenance Yard, and Falcon Lake Maintenance Yard.

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