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Manitoba Hydro again Warns of Increased Water Flows on the Winnipeg River

Posted on: May 20, 2022  |  

Manitoba Hydro again warns residents and resource users along the Winnipeg River from Pointe du Bois to Sagkeeng First Nation of increased water flows due to the rapid melt of the winter snowpack combined with recent record spring rains in Northwest Ontario and Southern Manitoba.

As a result, the Lake of the Woods Control Board (LWCB) was forced to make large increases in outflow from Lake of the Woods and Lac Seul into the Winnipeg River. The LWCB regulates the water levels of Lake of the Woods and Lac Seul, Ont.

Winnipeg River property owners and resource users will see water levels rise over the next 10 to 15 days about:

  • 1.2 feet upstream of Eight Foot Falls
  • 2.1 feet in Nutimik Lake
  • 1.9 feet in Dorothy Lake
  • 2.2 feet in Margaret/Eleanor Lake
  • 2.3 feet in Sylvia Lake
  • 1 foot upstream of Silver Falls
  • 1 foot Powerview-Pine Falls

The Winnipeg River is forecasted to crest in early June.

Click the link below for more informatin

Winnipeg River Notification #2 May 2022

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