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Posted on: May 9, 2022  |   ,

Manitoba Parks has provided the following update today.

Water levels remain high throughout Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Some lakes are starting to have water levels stabilize in the south Whiteshell, however most are continuing to rise particularly in the north Whiteshell. Water levels remain higher than normal at Falcon, Caddy, West Hawk, Brereton, Jessica, Big Whiteshell, White, Betula Lakes, and along the Winnipeg River. Water is expected to continue rising.

Water levels are also expected to continue to rise on the Winnipeg River. Cottagers from Otter Falls to Nutimik should be aware of increasing water levels. Due to the natural restriction of water flow along the river system water may fluctuate quickly in these areas.

Water continues to cover PR 312 near Caddy Lake. Smaller vehicles will not be able to pass and only larger vehicles should attempt.

PR 307 between Betula Lake and White Lake has been closed by Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure.

Water is present on the roads near Inverness Falls Resort at Brereton Lake, and PR 309 near Meditation Lake. Water is present on several block roads through out the park. Jessica Lake block 5-6-7-8 water is 9 inches deep for a 300 metre long stretch. Caution should be used when travelling through flooded areas.

The following hiking trails are closed: Alfred Hole, Whiteshell River and Falcon Creek. Mantario Hiking Trail remains open. Hikers should be prepared to encounter high water. Water is still very cold and may be semi frozen.

We encourage everyone to check before travelling (you can also call 511 anywhere in Manitoba to get updates by phone).

Manitoba Parks staff are working in conjunction with staff from the department of Manitoba, Transportation and Infrastructure to monitor lake levels and adjust control structures where possible.

Sandbags for filling and sand are available for cottage owners to protect cottages or weigh down docks on a proactive basis across from Nutimik Maintenance Yard, Otter Falls Ball Diamond, Betula Ball Diamond, the parking lot across from Brereton Lake Resort, West Hawk maintenance yard and the causeway at Falcon Lake. The location across Brereton Lake Resort has a limited amount of pre-filled sand bags available.

If cottagers have any questions, concerns or urgent matters please contact Manitoba Parks at 204-340-6769.  To report an emergency please contact 911 if located in the South Whiteshell and if in the North Whiteshell contact the Whitemouth RCMP detachment at 204-348-7177.

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