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We Need your Support!

Posted on: March 6, 2015  |  

The Whiteshell Cottagers Association is committed to defend the interests of all Whiteshell Cottage Owners, and is making a concerted effort to reduce the heavy financial burden being created by the government’s planned park fee and lease rate increases. To achieve our objectives, we very much want to ensure full cottager participation in the WCA. To reach our goal of greater than 90% participation, we are asking that you PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW, if you haven’t already done so; or if you are not a current member, we are urging you to PLEASE JOIN NOW. In order to continue our fight, we must have a vigorous Association. For the upcoming year we are planning to enhance a number of our activities:

·        improve our communication tools, especially our web site and ECHO

·        more effective administration; with our new administrator and a more responsive office

·        better communication between Lake Directors and their cottage constituents to make sure we are in tune with cottagers’ views

·        more substantial engagement with Parks in such areas as Lake Level Management, Road Maintenance, Waste Management so that we can provide useful and timely feedback to Parks on the quality and quantity of services provided.

To achieve these goals, a modest increase in cottager membership fees is necessary. Effective January 1, 2015, the annual membership has been raised from $25.00 to $35.00.  Click here to register

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One response to “We Need your Support!”

  1. Don Busch says:

    I can afford the $35 but I may not join. I do not like the wca implementing a 40% increase in dues at this time when I am skeptical at this time of any possible positive progress in dealing with the government. So far there has been no positive feedback ( or no feedback) with regard to negotiations. I would rather pay the $35 if I knew the wca coffers were near depletion or I knew positive progress with regards to negotiation was being made.

    I think my thoughts probably represent those of a lot of cottagers and that is why membership renewal is lagging.

    Better show us something positive before asking for such a large increase. Then I am sure the renewals will come flowing in.

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