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WCA Accomplishments from 2021

Posted on: January 23, 2022  |  

Here is a list of some of WCA’s accomplishments from 2021:

  • Continued to build the relations with parks staff. Regular meetings have been held to discuss issues such as roads and waste disposal.
  • Keep members informed about the forest fire situation in from May – August. It was a busy fire season with fires at locations such as Falcon, Seven Sisters, Sailing Lake, Crowduck, Camp Lake, Nutimik
  • Disseminated information to cottagers and provided input into the new waste depot facilities. Once fully operational in the North and South Whiteshell Parks expects a 30% savings in both equipment costs and salaries and much safer working conditions for the employees.
  • Made some progress on Highway 307 $250,000 spent on resurfacing 6.5 km out of the 18 km stretch between Barrier Bay & Betula. Manitoba Infrastructure confirms that work will continue in 2022
  • Coordinated with the Citizens on Patrol program head for North Whiteshell and RCMP during a rash of break-ins to warn cottagers to check their properties & keep their eyes open for suspicious activity.
  • Hosted an educational webinar on Invasive Species and established an Invasive Species Committee. The committee will work to set up an early detection system Sentinel Program lobbying the Government for AIS inspection stations.
  • Established a Whiteshell Lease & Service Fee Committee to work alongside our Provincial representation by MPPCOA and address concerns specific to the Whiteshell. Whiteshell Provincial Park. This support MPPCOA’s efforts to ensure Lease & Service fees are fair, reasonable and affordable.
  • Consulted on updating the hunting zone maps to take into account new trails & the new technologies now available
  • Reviewed plans to rebuild the Nutimik museum
  • Advocated for investments in park infrastructure e.g. Big Whiteshell dock renovation, Hunt Lake trail parking/ re-routing and Pine Point Rapids parking expansion
  • Helped with the creation of a North Whiteshell Trails Association
  • Created relationships with North Whiteshell Business Association & South Whiteshell Chamber of Commerce.
  • Tour of the Park with Parks management both in the spring & in the fall of 2021
  • Facilitated cottagers sharing information on our Facebook page -)
  • Continued attention was paid to initiatives that are important to our members including:
    • Cottagers Handbook update
    • Falcon Channel Dredging
    • Nutimik boat launch dredging
    • Condition of Hwy #44
    • Caddy Lake Weir
    • Betula Weir
    • Falcon control structure
    • Star Lake boat launch
    • Block road graveling
    • Air BNB’s
    • Cottage based Business storage
    • Drinking water filters (manganese levels from Otter Falls to Nutimik)
    • Play structures
    • Cell/Internet service
    • Park Pass improvements
    • Hydro Dam at Pointe Du Bois
    • Brereton Water Treatment plant

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