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Water Levels Committee Report September 13, 2017

Posted on: September 14, 2017  |  

Executive Committee Mtg. – Sept. 13, 2017

Water Levels Committee Report

1.   Neil McMillan has agreed to serve as Vice Chair of the cmte.  He is being copied with all communications / correspondence.

2.   No action has been taken following my meeting with Rob Nedotiafko in July.  Correspondence re: tunnel upgrade study by CN & CP Rail re Caddy Lake has not happened – nor has the proposed relocation of the Amphibex dredging unit to Block 10 Access Channel on Falcon.

3.   MI’s preliminary design study on upgrading the North Cross Lake weir to reduce Caddy Lake’s summer draw down rate is underway.  Early discussion has been held with Eugene Kozera (MI’s project manager) to discuss our objectives and concerns.  The 1976 hydraulic study done by MI’s predecessor has been found – it confirms the primary cause of flooding is the tunnels, but does not distinguish between them as to their effect.  It does raise a caution that raising the North Cross weir may exacerbate a flooding situation. Means to mitigate this risk will have to be taken in conjunction with any execution plan.

4.   Falcon Lake has drained down below its summer operating range with all stop logs in place.  There is no control over the discharge through the rock weir.  This will have to be changed with the new control structure.
Design options for the new control structure are to be presented to stakeholders in mid October /17.  These will include A) a new gravity control structure together with dredging some 9 km of the Falcon River; and B) a diversion of the Falcon Creek to discharge into the Falcon River directly, with a pumped discharge from the lake into the Falcon River.  From this description both options should work – the choice will be made on the basis of capital and operating costs.

5.   West Hawk is nearing the bottom end of its summer operating range – water has been drained into Caddy Lake to prevent (rather ineffectively) an excessively low operating level there.

6.   All “central” Whiteshell lakes are at or below their summer operating range (except Jessica and White).  Discussion must be held with MI to prevent the “beggar thy neighbour” attitude from reoccurring in managing the level of Jessica and White lakes. The level of Betula has been approximately 20 inches below its target level all summer while both of these lakes were held at their target level.
This discussion will enhance MI’s appreciation for the repeatedly requested upgrade to the Betula discharge weir, and will serve as an introduction to the possibility of obtaining additional water to mitigate this problem.  Early reconnaissance indicates there may be potential for this to happen.

7.   TransCanada Pipeline Ltd. had asked for a meeting with our Environment Committee in late November, to discuss our concerns regarding leak detection on the Canada East Pipe line proposal.  They have since requested a 30 day hiatus in the NEB’s review of the project to allow for them to react to the NEB’s listing of environmental issues of concern.  The project is on hold, and all discussions with the public have been indefinitely postponed.



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