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Waste Transfer Facility Update in North Whiteshell

Posted on: December 22, 2020  |   ,

Jessica Lake

Material to build the new waste facility has started to arrive  at the junction of ER60 & ER61

The Parks and Protected Specaces Branch is working in cooperation with the Trails Association.  They are going to relocate the Trans Canada trail away from the waste collection facility. They also intend to bring in some trees from Betula to “shelter off/ obscure”  the Jessica Waste depot when they develop the Betula site.   These are trees that took growth after the 2007 blow down at Betula.

Location of Jessica Site

Betula Lake

The WCA received an email from Parks on Friday Dec 18th advising they have to change the location of the new waste collection facility for Betula from the location across the road from Block 4 to the block 5,6,7 entrance (where a couple cages are already located). They ran into problems with the original proposed  Block 4 site both with the high cost to prepare the site because of telephone wires at that location. The fear is the trucks that pick up & dump these new containers will catch on the telephone wires.

The block 5,6,7 entrance area will need a significant expansion of the area of where the current bins are. As they expand that, they intend to retain some of the trees that will need to be removed (the trees from the new growth after the 2007 blow down.). They intend to replant some of these trees to shelter in/ obscure the new waste containers.

They recently drove down to the proposed 5/6/7 site and are aware of the “blind” cresting of the hill coming from Big Whiteshell direction. They have approached Manitoba Infrastructure and asked for a speed limit reduction for that area. (a speed reduction Betula Lakers have requested for over a decade)

Location of Betula Site

Nutimik and Dorothy

Lastly there will be new facilities at both Nutimik & Dorothy where waste can be disposed of on the way out of the Park if that is preferable for some. The old bins will not be removed until the new facilities are in place & operational.

Cost Reduction Opportunity

The whole purpose of the modernization of the waste collection system is to reduce cost. Currently waste collection is the single biggest cost within the park, accounting for 50% of all expenditures (so half of the service fee portion on your CLPA invoice goes toward waste collection). The new system counts on automation to reduce overall cost by reducing labour costs (and improves safety).

The photos of the Brereton prototype below is an example of what is being built

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