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Waste Depot Updates for Caddy Lake and Big Whiteshell

Posted on: June 10, 2021  |  

We have received some new updates for Caddy Lake and Big Whiteshell

Caddy Lake

Since our last updates in April (available here), Manitoba Parks has identified a new location for the  Caddy Lake waste depot which will be located near the intersection of road 312 and the block 9 road.


Big Whiteshell

Big Whiteshell will be similar to Brereton but incorporating lessons learned – the drive on & drive off ramps will be longer and on less of an incline. More bins. Parks will be putting in a road that loops around a large rock structure & then utilizes a clear space (hidden from view) created by the blow down of 2007.  It is located just past the junction south on 309.

The site plan is available at at the link below

L4_Big Whiteshell Waste Depot_Plan_2020 10 29


Cost Reduction Opportunity

The whole purpose of the modernization of the waste collection system is to reduce cost. Currently waste collection is the single biggest cost within the park, accounting for 50% of all expenditures (so half of the service fee portion on your CLPA invoice goes toward waste collection). The new system counts on automation to reduce overall cost by reducing labour costs (and improves safety).

The photos of the Brereton prototype below is an example of what is being built


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