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Warning – Flooding on the Winnipeg River

Posted on: December 23, 2019  |  

Cottagers along the Winnipeg River have been reporting a sudden increase in water levels, which have recently risen approximately 18″ in some places.  This rise which is greater than the estimates in the latest Hydro Forecast

The WCA asked MB Hydro about the conditions. They informed us that the Seven Sisters dam is at normal forebay elevation and is passing on all flow from upstream. They explained that high water levels at Barrier Bay are most likely due to ice constrictions between Seven Sisters and Barrier Bay, exacerbated by a recent minor flow increase from upstream in Ontario.  It is likely made worse by the recent swings in temperature. Likely, the ice will give way soon and the levels will recede but there is no way to predict exactly what will occur. The river is incredibly diverse and conditions can vary from one place to another.   Manitoba Hydro has no means to control this.

WCA also asked about the operation of the  Seven Sisters dam since some Cottagers reported that it appeared that 12 of the 15 spillway gates were closed, which may be worsening the problem.

MB Hydro explained that the number of spill gates open is only part of the story as the forebay level control will also depend on the flow through the powerhouse units and what is flowing on the river at that moment.


Dec 22 Barrier Bay

Dec 22 Barrier Bay

Dec 22 Seven Sisters Dam – A cottager reported that 12 of the 15 spillway gates appear to be


Dec 22 water flowing at Pinewood Lodge (Dorothy Lake)closed

Dec 22 water flowing at Pinewood Lodge (Dorothy Lake)

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