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Update on Cottage Break-Ins in the North Whiteshell

Posted on: November 28, 2019  |  

As a follow-up to our Nov 21 notice, the WCA has been in contact with the North Whiteshell Citizens on Patrol and the RCMP in Lac du Bonnet.  The RCMP has confirmed that they do indeed now have the perpetrator in custody.

Break-ins at Eleanor & Brereton involved breaking into sheds. RCMP were not aware of break-ins at Big Whiteshell Lake however WCA has subsequently confirmed that there were break-ins into sheds at Big Whiteshell as was Red Rock.

RCMP were able to retrieve some video imaging and it appears that the Eleanor culprit is the same as the Brereton one. (And likely the culprit for Big Whiteshell & Red Rock) RCMP say there was approx. $5000.00 worth of goods stolen from Eleanor Lake.

RCMP would like to know of all incidents -including whether they were shed break-ins or actual cottage break-ins. So if you have been out & noticed something at your place or at a neighbours please let us know at  & we’ll let Citizens on Patrol know to be vigilant in the areas they currently cover.

Also report to RCMP

Falcon Beach detachment – 204-349-2588

Lac Du Bonnet Detachment – 204-345-8685

Whitemouth Detachment – 204-348-7177

North Whiteshell Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) information

Presently have 20 volunteers with a strong suggestion there will be 4 more by the new Year. They Patrol from Oct 1 until Apr 30, that period when cottagers are likely away, they Patrol most days during this time period. Their mandate is to be visible, Magnetic signs on vehicles, they look for anything that’s UNUSUAL. Tracks in the snow, broken windows, doors ajar, lights or smoke from a seemingly unoccupied cabin. For personal safety they do not intervene if they come across a crime in progress but try to contact cottage owner so they can contact RCMP.(More on this below). Hopefully the presence of their highly identified vehicles scare them off.

They work closely with both Sustainable Development and the RCMP, they get heads up info to pass along to their patrol teams, plus they meet once a month for a short meeting and decide on patrol dates.

This North Whiteshell Group patrols from Betula Lake to Eleanor, about 85 kms, for 2 to 3 hrs a run. They were awarded the, “Group Outstanding Service Award” at their annual COPP conference held Oct 25th to 27th this year. None of the volunteers are paid

If you are interested in volunteering so COPP can expand their North Whiteshell program please let us know. Email us at and we’ll connect with the COPP group.

Again, COPP is all unpaid volunteers. Financial contributions to support their efforts & help offset costs (gas etc) can be made to:

North Whiteshell COPP

Box 157

Seven Sisters, Manitoba

R0E 1Y0

Whiteshell Cottagers Association is arranging with COPP that if they notice something suspicious, they will let us know so that we can assist in contacting the cottage owner & advise them (We will have contact info for all cottagers that are Members)

More information (although dated) on COPP can be found on page 27 of the December 2016 edition of our Newspaper the Whiteshell Echo

More information on COPP in general can be found at

Current Active COPP groups can be found at



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