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Supplementary Information Regarding Outlet Structure at the north end of West Hawk Lake

Posted on: September 25, 2018  |  

To supplement Mr Rocquigny’s report at the link below, the WCA Water Levels Committee has provided the following additional insight.

Outlet Structure at the north end of West Hawk Lake

1.       West Hawk loses approximately ¼” or more (0.25 to 0.3 inches) of water per day from evaporation during the hot – dry weather of July and August.  Normally this is made up by rainfall, and attribution from other lakes, however, this year there was neither rain, nor attribution from other lakes.  Over this 8 week period, that amounts to 1.75” to 2.1” x 8 = 14 to 16.8 inches.

2.       The loss of 1” of water from West Hawk is approximately equal to 150 cfs (cubic feet / second) flowing out through the dam for a period of 24 hours. What you see in the “leakage” slide may amount to as much as 2 cfs. which over a 24 hr period would add up to 2/150 = 0.0135 inches of water per day, or approximately 0.1 inches /week, or 0.8 inches over the two month period.  So the loss of 16 inches of water from the lake over the July and August period, was due almost entirely to a lack of attribution from other lakes,and a very normal evaporation rate.  Mackenzie Bay is a shallow, sandy bottomed bay with a large natural beach.We could walk across it any time during the summer months up until the mid 1990’s, when for some reason, Parks started raising the level.  It was held abnormally high until 2017 when the more normal rainfall did not sustain the higher level, and it was allowed to drop closer to its natural level.  This year (2018) with no rain and no spring runoff, the water level was much closer to what used to be “normal”.

Alan Roberts

Crescent Beach Rd.

West Hawk Lake

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