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Summer storms wash out some Manitoba highways

Posted on: June 26, 2016  |  

Cottagers in the South Whiteshell please be advised! Call 511 or check the MIT highway conditions website.

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The Florence Nora Access Road is impassable to all vehicle traffic. The rain caused a sink hole and damaged the road, and inspection and repairs are taking place. Cottagers trapped at Nora or Florence should call Don Pincock or the Sustainable Development office if they need to get out.


One response to “Summer storms wash out some Manitoba highways”

  1. I. meder says:

    Falcon Lake Sunday June 29, 2016

    Flooding of south shore road and high water in lake due to heavy rain PLUS overflow of Falcon Lake lagoon. This is serious.
    Check it out.

    Lake level rose about 8=10 inches due to the rain. This was Saturday. Shore water rose into yard but began to recede Saturday. Today the water in the yard is almost reaching the cottage – a height I have never seen in 60+ years of being at the same cottage on S shore. Never has it done this. Over the dock yes, but never close to the cottage. It is past ankle height in rubber boots by cottage.

    E. Coli ???? other pathogens? other contaminants?

    How do we deal with this? Causeway had water lapping over it. Yes, wind is a factor but high water also – lake level maintained at unnatural level due to failing control, much rain and now sewage lagoon over flowing. The public needs to know that our present government inherited some of this problem. The rain is out of government control!
    Do we have a healthy lake????? How do we fix this?

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