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Recent Thefts in the Whiteshell

Posted on: December 10, 2021  |  

WCA has been in contact with the RCMP and North Whiteshell Citizens on Patrol this week.  There have been a rash of break ins / thefts – reports from Betula, Nutimik, Otter Falls, White Lake, Eleanor, Red Rock, Caddy, WestHawk (McKenzie) and Ingolf.  Thefts have involved utility trailers, generators, other tools & equipment, chain saws, lumber, and an atv.

Please keep an eye on your neighbor’s properties and call the RCMP if you see anything suspicious.  It is helpful to provide the license plate, photos of the vehicle and a reason why they suspect doesn’t belong in the area.

The RCMP have reported that they are already making progress on a few of these files thanks to the assistance of Citizens on Patrol along with evidence from trial cameras and other theft prevention/surveillance equipment/alarm systems that cottagers have placed around their properties.

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