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Membership in the WCA has its Privileges

Posted on: October 7, 2015  |  

I am writing this while sitting on my dock, dazzled by the
beauty and splendour in front of me. The sun is still high in the
sky and not the faintest suggestion of a ripple mars the shining
surface of the water, save for the splash created by the loon as it
dives for another meal. An eagle rides the air currents high above
and down below a dragon fly has mistakenly landed in the
water and cannot get airborne. I rescue it, put it on the dock and incredibly
after a few minutes of drying time, it tests its wings and
takes off in search of another unsuspecting mosquito.
We are so lucky to be able to experience such beauty, such peace
and tranquility. But the wonderful experiences the Whiteshell
offers should not be taken for granted. Your Whiteshell
Cottagers Association is working very hard on your behalf. Here
are some of the initiatives:
• The fight with the provincial government over the planned
escalation in our park fees continues. Watch for media announcements
in September that detail the legal action which is
now currently underway.
• Our lake level committee has developed a good working
relationship with officials at Manitoba Conservation and a solid
action plan has been created to effectively control lake levels
at Falcon, West Hawk, Caddy and some lakes in the North
• We have partnered with a prominent property insurance
underwriter to provide insurance protection for cottagers
who are members of the WCA.This will mean members will
benefit from reduced premiums.(See further details on page 8).
• Membership in the WCA entitles you to receive the informative
Whiteshell Echo newspaper.You will receive it in hard copy
but membership in the WCA also entitles you to read it online
on the WCA website.
• We are creating Facebook and Twitter accounts. Look for a detailed
announcement in the fall.
• Fire protection and 911 service for the North Whiteshell are
“on the drawing board”.
All of this takes time, dedicated, energetic people and money.
In the coming weeks you will be visited by one of our lake directors asking
for your financial support to fund our public relations campaign. They will also
be asking you to join the WCA if you are not already a member.
Membership in the WCA Supports:
•Legal action in opposition to the provincial
government’s planned escalation in our park fees.
•Our Lake Level Committee’s work to effectively
control lake levels.
•Lower cost cottage insurance. (See details p. 8)
•The Whiteshell Echo, mailed to members and
also available online.
by Gary Kennedy,
Chair, Membership Committee

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