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May 20th Photos from Nora Lake Derailment Site

Posted on: May 22, 2018  |  

The CN Derailment occurred on January 6, 2018.  The derailment involved 23 cars including three gondola cars carrying nickel sulphide which is a known carcinogen and toxic to aquatic life.  The area is in a remote location and the cleanup has been in progress since January.

Please continue to watch the WCA website for news and updates on the status of the cleanup.  Copies of  the WCA’s previous correspondence with the Department of Sustainable Development can be seen at the links below.

          Request to the Director – Parks and Protected Spaces Re CN Derailment

Status of the CN Rail Derailment clean-up at Nora Lake

The pictures below were taken May 20, 2018

Derailment Site May 20th. Since last weekend, the heavy equipment has been removed and some remaining bags containing waste are waiting to be picked up.

North side of the tracks

South Side of the tracks.  Metal parts, broken rails and garbage are still visible.

Bags waiting to be picked up.

The May 18th rain caused a greenish substance to leach out of the ground. This was not visible the previous weekend when the heavy equipment was still onsite.

Close-up of the leached material from a ditch that drains into Nora Lake
























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