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May 14 South Whiteshell Fire Morning Update

Posted on: May 14, 2021  |  

Manitoba Parks has provided the following updates this morning

From Manitoba Parks personnel on the ground (on-site)

  • Not much has changed since last night (fire still being held)
  • No water Bombers on site (which is a good thing – not needed at this time)
  • Fire crews back at it this morning – will have something up in air shortly to get an overall perspective.
  • Winds are calm


  • Some media are reporting some evacuations have occurred. THAT IS FALSE. No evacuations have occurred.
  • RESPECT THE BARRICADES – barricades will be put up on trail heads. Respect the barricades – DO NOT just walk around them. Resources are stretched & they need the publics assistance, not only for dealing with this situation, but to also minimize future risk and to keep everyone safe.

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