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Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association Update

Posted on: September 22, 2017  |   ,

News Update as at September 22, 2017

Since the fundamental Guiding Principle was jointly established by the Cabin Owners Association and Parks in early summer, a meeting was held in the Parks Office Boardroom on August 17th to further the consultation process. Further recruitment had taken place which resulted in the Hecla North Shore Cottage Owners Association (HNSCOA) joining the strategic Coalition of Provincial Parks and David Martin joining the table to be part of the consultation process. Now six COA representing close to 70% of cottage owners in Manitoba Provincial Parks were involved to present One Voice to our Provincial Officials.

The August 17th meeting looked at establishing Working Groups to specifically address Service Fees and Leasehold Fees respectively. MPPCOA Committee Chair, Daniel Klass has in its Committee a team of accountants, knowledgeable individuals on municipal governance and skilled negotiators. No final decision was made as to how to proceed but would be the next step to reviewing the financial information upon which give rise to our invoices. The fundamental position of MPPCOA has been Cost Recovery similarto the model in existence in Saskatchewan (which Provincial Officials are interested in reviewing) but at this point, the term does not have a firm definition.

The September meeting was canceled as a result in the Premiers Cabinet Shuffle which resulted in Minister Cox being replaced by Minister Rochelle Squires plus a new Deputy Minister, Rob Olson. Many briefing sessions were necessary so the meeting was postponed until such activities died down.

Last weekend, Sept. 16th and 17th Moose Lake Cottage Owners Association hosted our first MPPCOA Board Meeting of 2017/18. The actual Board Meeting was held at former COA Moose Lake COA President Verna Danylchuk cottage in the scenic Moose Lake Provincial Park. (See photos on our website).  Nichola Wigle, MLCOA President did an outstanding job of organizing the two-day event. Nicholas husband Jeff and Doug Danylchuk provided a tour of the cottage blocks, resort and camping area located on the east and west shores and other historical Park venues. Frank and Pat Weiss, Doug and Verna Danychuk and Jeff and Nicola Wigle billeted MPPCOA Directors and their spouses Saturday night. At the Saturday dinner, we had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with other Moose Lake Board members — all very committed to representing the best interests of their Park cottage owners (87 of the 90 cottage owners are members) and are very encouraging and grateful for the role MPPCOA is playing in keeping cottages affordable to all Manitobans. Unfortunately, David Martin, newest representative from the Hecla North Shore COA was unable to attend.

Member of the MPPCOA Board of Directors in the photo from left to right are: Nichola Wigle, Secretary, MLCOA President); Daniel Klass, Fees Committee Chair (Whiteshell Cottagers Association Past President); Ronald Smith, Treasurer (Whiteshell Cottagers Association President); Jack Elliott, President (Duck Mountain COA Director); Bob Johnston (Grindstone COA Treasurer); and Dean Amundson, Vice President MPPCOA and Helca Island Historic Village COA).

The next MPPCOA Board meeting is planned for late October 2017.


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