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Posted on: January 12, 2016  |   ,

Alan Roberts, one of our lake directors, forwarded the
following data to me regarding lake level regulation. I think all
will find it very interesting – quote:“I’ll attach a couple of documents that will assist you to get an overall perspective of
the work we have been doing on the Lake Levels regulation in the Park. Perhaps most significantly, we have been able to win the cooperation of both the Manitoba Conservation (Parks) (Brad Kiedyk – Regional Manager for the South Whiteshell Park area) and Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (Fisaha Unduche – Manager of regional drainage control structures) who provide direction to the Parks staff in the management of all control structures in the park.
We have been successful in getting them to adopt some basic management protocol that will afford cottage protection against flooding/excessively high water levels (ie. a repeat of the situation we suffered through during the summer of 2014).
1. We have reached a consensus agreement with them for an annual winter draw down on all the lakes in the Park (which has only happened six times since 1990);
2. We’ve reached a consensus on the acceptable summer level range for those lakes supporting the majority of cottages in the Park;
3. We are working on a strategy to mitigate the low water levels that are made inevitable by the weir structures installed for controlling the water level in Caddy Lake as well as Betula Lake; and (the high springtime water level problem at Caddy Lake
is largely mitigated by our agreement to have a winter draw down of West Hawk Lake)
4. We are working on Parks to implement a dredging program
to provide cottagers from Blocks 10 and 23 on the South Shore of Falcon Lake boat access to their docks at lower water levels – ie. throughout the full range of water levels that are acceptable to the remainder of the cottages on the lake. Parks had dredged access channels when these blocks were opened for development in the mid 1990s, but did not dredge the channels deep enough.
Ever since then, cottagers from these two blocks have been fighting against cottagers from the rest of the lake, to maintain ever higher water levels.”
End of quote.
If you are interested in more detail I can forward the attachments that Al provided. The Levels Committee is made up of three representatives from West Hawk, two from Falcon Lake, two from Caddy Lake, one from Jessica Lake, one
from Betula, one from Brereton Lake, and one from Nutimik Lake. Al also stated that they are hoping that the cooperative spirit they have been able to realize at the bureaucratic level will now be emulated at the political level. A strong demand from the cottagers, together with our letters requesting remedial
works, will hopefully win the day.
Thank you for the report Al and for the great work the committee is doing!


  1. Renee says:

    Very interesting work. Thanks for the due diligence. Would very much like to receive the attachments. have lost a fair bit of land due to very high water at Falcon. Also had to wear rubber boots to access the grounds and boathouse several summers. Never experienced that since the late 1950s.
    How do I get copies of the attachments? No link is provided.

    • ahogan says:

      Hi Renee,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We will look into getting the attachments posted.

    • says:

      Hello Renee – for some reason I’m not able to paste the attachments here. Please send my your email address at and I’ll copy them to you.
      Though we have been active on several other lakes’ issues, Falcon has commanded the majority of our attention. We hope to have some positive announcements to make in the near future.

      Alan Roberts – chair
      WCA’s Lake Levels Committee

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