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Posted on: July 18, 2021  |  

Received a report last night from a Water Bomber pilot that they have run into cases ( in the Whiteshell) where people are flying drones in the area of the fires & even had a case where a float plane entered the flight path of one of the water bombers. In either case it will CAUSE THEM TO STOP OPERATIONS.


We don’t need Parks or any other authority to tell us that resources must be stretched extremely thin at the moment with the number of fires throughout the Province – indeed throughout Western Canada & NW Ontario. We MUST do our part.


If you are on the water and water bombers are circling above or are scooping water:

move quickly and safely towards shore

stay near the shore

give crews room to work.

Trails are closed – respect those closures

Campfires are forbidden

Back country travel not allowed

Parks continues to give us regular updates (we can’t thank them enough). Going forward, to allow Parks personnel the opportunity to focus on the job at hand, we’ll only report on new fires or significant changes in the situation on the fires that have occurred so far this week (Camp Lake – north of Falcon, Betula, Nutimik, Big Whiteshell x 2)


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