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Inverness Falls Bridge and Dam

Posted on: November 27, 2021  |  

Manitoba Parks has confirmed that work was completed on the Brereton outlet structure Nov 25th.  (replacing of stop logs) There are a few outstanding items like fencing (temporary in place) and grass seeding that will be done in the spring.

Please note that the new stop logs will take some time to swell and become more tight.  However the leakage is quite reasonable and needed to maintain downstream flows.  Below are water levels that Parks took before and during construction.  We are above our winter target of 1036.0 and little under our summer target of 1036.8.

Water Level                                   Notes

(m)                      (ft)

315.859              1036.28              17 Sep 21 – GPS reading

315.819              1036.15              8 Oct 2021 – Electronic Gauge reading

315.823              1036.16              3 Nov 2021 – Rod and Level reading

315.958              1036.61              22 Nov 2021 – Total Station reading


(Thank you to Doug Moberg at Brereton for the pics)

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