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Posted on: May 9, 2022  |  

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure provided the following update today

At this time there is a forecast of 25 – 30 mm of rain for the Park this week which will add to the already high levels.

North Whiteshell

  • Jessica, White and Betula Lakes are quite high and rising.
  • There is overland flooding around the Reed Falls (Jessica Lake) structure which is causing erosion between the structure and the road.
  • PR 307 around White Lake is flooded and has restricted access. This is hindering our ability to pull logs from Reed Falls as we need that water to come down.
  • The staff can no longer remove logs from Basket Falls (between White and Betula). 12 logs have been removed there since Apr 25 and there is reportedly too much pressure from the flow over the logs to remove any more at this moment.
  • MTI and Parks are monitoring the situation daily and keeping an eye on ice movement for any complications there.
  • Brereton Lake water is quite high up on the bridge downstream of Inverness Falls at PR 307. Due to the fact that there is already flooding on 307 to the north of White Lake, Highways will not permit us to remove any more logs and risk stranding the residents in between those 2 locations. MTI and Parks staff are monitoring the situation very closely and we will remove logs at the earliest possible time that it is permitted.

South Whiteshell

  • Caddy, West Hawk and Falcon are approaching 2016 levels.
  • Falcon Lake has been operating at max outflow from the dam since April 21st.
  • The plan at Caddy/West Hawk has been to wait for Caddy to recede off of PR 312 and then gradually remove logs from the West Hawk Dam in order to get both lakes down.
    • The water is currently about 13 inches deep at the low spot on the road.
    • Once Caddy is safely below the roadway we would try to match inflows to outflows there to maintain optimal flow out of the entire system.
    • Caddy had just begun to recede this morning but that will most likely change with the rain throughout the week.
    • We think we are at the best possible equilibrium with the current log orientation. We will monitor the effect of this week’s rain with our real-time sensors and act accordingly.

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