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ADVISORY – Lake Sturgeon study on Winnipeg River

Posted on: June 21, 2021  |  

WINNIPEG – Manitoba Hydro is conducting Lake Sturgeon population studies this summer at several locations on the Winnipeg River.

The studies involve safely netting, tagging and releasing sturgeon and help Manitoba Hydro gain a better understanding of the population size and movement of Lake Sturgeon on the Winnipeg River system.

During the open-water season of 2021, the following work is planned:

  • An adult sturgeon population inventory in the river between Pointe du Bois and Slave Falls Generating Stations was completed over 12 days earlier in June. The inventory will help us understand the total size of the sturgeon population (adults and juveniles) in the area. This is the third year of a three-year study.
  • A sturgeon movement study in the river between Pine Falls and Great Falls Generating Stations is scheduled to begin in July and continue over the next few years. Sturgeon will be tagged over approximately seven days in July, and their movements will be monitored over the next few years using a series of underwater telemetry receivers.
  • A sturgeon population inventory survey in the river between McArthur and Pine Falls Generating Stations (year two of three) will take place over 10 days in October and is being done to better understand the current population status of sturgeon in this area.

The studies are being conducted under Manitoba Hydro’s Lake Sturgeon Stewardship & Enhancement Program (LSSEP). The LSSEP was established in 2008 to consolidate Manitoba Hydro’s Lake Sturgeon stewardship efforts throughout the province. The vision of the LSSEP is “to maintain and enhance Lake Sturgeon populations in areas affected by Manitoba Hydro’s operations, now and in the future.”

Sturgeon in Manitoba are being considered for listing as Endangered under the Federal Species at Risk Act. Sturgeon boards on the Nelson and Saskatchewan Rivers bring together stakeholders (including Indigenous communities, commercial fishers, Manitoba Hydro, the Province of Manitoba and others) to work towards stewardship and conservation of sturgeon populations. Manitoba Hydro’s LSSEP contributes to Lake Sturgeon conservation in Manitoba by increasing our knowledge of populations, advancing our understanding of local ecology, supporting stocking programs, and initiating research to improve the effectiveness of conservation efforts.

For more information on the LSSEP, visit: Fisheries and stewardship (


For more information: Bruce Owen – Media Relations Officer

Tel: 204‐794-8270


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