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911 Service – North Whiteshell Provincial Park

Posted on: November 14, 2017  |   ,

You might not be aware of the fact that the North Whiteshell area does not have 911 service. That is because we don’t have a fire department and you can’t get 911 service without one. The South East Whiteshell Fire Department only protects the lakes in the south east corner of the park.

The boundary for the North Whiteshell starts at the intersection of Hwy 44 & 307 and proceeds northwest along 307/309 and ends at the outer edges of the town of Seven Sisters. Included in that area are 13 lakes, 1606 cottages, 12 commercial businesses and hundreds of seasonal trailers.

In terms of population numbers, on every July 1st long weekend there are 6500 cottage goers and 2000 campers enjoying the North Whiteshell………….none of them have 911 service!

Several months ago we formed a North Whiteshell 911 committee and included people with firefighting, paramedic and management experience. We continue to consult with the South East Whiteshell Fire Dept and the two municipalities that border the North Whiteshell. This is a difficult, complex project.  Our discussions have been productive and we are getting closer to a clear vision and the creation of an action plan. The North Whiteshell Fire Dept will become a reality but it will take many months of hard work, cooperation from local and provincial governments, recruitment of a solid base of volunteers and most importantly, help from ALL  the cottagers in the North Whiteshell.

As we move forward, look for more updates in the Echo newspaper and on Facebook. If you are interested in volunteering, please send your resume to the Whiteshell Cottagers Association at

Gary Kennedy

Chair – Special Projects

Whiteshell Cottagers Association

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