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Water Levels

November 10, 2017 ,

Hydro Weekly Forecast for the Winnipeg River 2017 Season

  Click the link blow for the Hydro Weekly Lake Level Forecast for the Winnipeg River Please note that the November 17th report is the final report for 2017. 20171117_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20171110_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20171103_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20171027_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20171020_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20171013_Whiteshell […]

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September 14, 2017

Water Levels Committee Report September 13, 2017

Executive Committee Mtg. – Sept. 13, 2017 Water Levels Committee Report 1.   Neil McMillan has agreed to serve as Vice Chair of the cmte.  He is being copied with all communications / correspondence. 2.   No action has been taken following my meeting with Rob Nedotiafko in July.  Correspondence re: tunnel upgrade study by CN & […]

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August 10, 2017

Water Levels Committee Status Report Excerpt from the August Echo

Water Levels Committee: Water levels throughout the Whiteshell are abnormally low this year, with very little rain since spring break-up.  The few lakes with level control structures have been able to retain much of the spring run-off, but the rest are all very near their winter draw down level.  Complaints have been received from Caddy […]

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May 30, 2017

Manitoba Infrastructure Whiteshell Lake Levels Reports

Click the link below to see Manitoba Infrastructure’s current Lake Level Reports for selected Whiteshell lakes  

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April 13, 2017 ,

WCA Water Levels Committee Record of Meeting

The Water Levels Committee met on March 28/17 to review the performance review of the 2016 program and priorities for 2017. Click the link to see the record of the meeting.ROM WCA Levels Cmte -Mar 28 -17

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February 13, 2017 ,

Protocol for Management of the West Hawk Dam

On January 30th, a delegation of cottage owners at West Hawk  and Caddy Lakes reached agreement on an Operating Protocol for management of the West Hawk Dam that sets the flow rate of water from West Hawk into Caddy.  This has long been a contentious issue between the cottagers of these 2 lakes, and the […]

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November 29, 2016 ,

Dredging of Falcon Lake Boathouse Access Channels

A meeting was held on October 26th to discuss the Owner’s  response to the Dredging Survey distributed to the approximate 120 boathouse owners using the access channels in Blocks #10, and #12 / 23, on the South Shore of Falcon Lake. Click the link below for a Record of the Meeting. record-of-meeting-of-oct-26-16

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October 4, 2016 ,

Regaining Control of Water Levels in the South Whiteshell

By Alan Roberts – Chair, WCA Lake Levels Committee   All cottagers in the South Whiteshell have been sorely affected by the high water levels we’ve experienced since June 25. Many, many have had major and minor repairs to carry out or pay for to their docks, decks, and boathouses. Many others have suffered damage […]

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