How do I become a member?

Option 1: Print and complete this Membership Application 2017, then mail it to our office with your membership fee.

Option 2: Complete the online signup below

Standard Membership

Join today to belong to the largest cottage owners' group in Manitoba! By joining you will be able to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. You will also receive all new issues of our newspaper, the Whiteshell Echo, mailed to your address.

Standard 1-Year Membership (2017) $35

Standard 2-Year Membership (2017-2019) $70

Standard 3-Year Membership (2017-2020) $100 (save $5)

Standard 4-Year Membership (2017-2021) $130 (save $10)

Standard 5-Year Membership (2017-2022) $160 (save $15)

Associate Membership

Join today and receive most of the benefits of full membership such as attendance at the Annual General Meeting, Representation on your behalf to address issues of importance to cottagers and online access to Whiteshell Echo at the reduced annual fee of only $20.00.

You will qualify to become an associate member if:

  • You are a family member of a cottage owner and you are over the age of 18; or
  • You have a present or future ownership position in a cottage; and
  • The registered owner of the cottage is a 'paid up' member of the WCA with a full $35 membership.

Associate 1-Year Membership (2017) $20

Associate 2-Year Membership (2017-2019) $40

Associate 3-Year Membership (2017-2020) $60

Associate 4-Year Membership (2017-2021) $80

Associate 5-Year Membership (2017-2022) $100