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June 17, 2017   |  Membership

WCA Membership up to 2040

WCA Membership up to 2040! It’s getting hotter, join the association today to show your support – enjoy the benefits.

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June 10, 2017   |  Membership

WCA membership rises to 2027

Whiteshell Cottagers Association membership has risen to 2027. A big thank you to members for your show of support. Please help us push the numbers up…if you know of fellow cottagers who are not members, convince them to join your WCA to create a louder collective voice! Remember STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

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May 31, 2017   |  Committee News, Membership

a perk for new cottage owners

A HUGE THANK YOU to Evergreen Realty, Falcon Realty, Sampson’s Realty and Whiteshellcottages for showing their support to the WCA and Whiteshell cottagers. All purchasers of cottages from these realtors will receive a great perk from them – a one year membership in the Whiteshell Cottagers Association!

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May 21, 2017   |  Committee News, Membership


As of May 21 membership in your WCA reaches 2010! Help us reach our goal of 2650. If you know of fellow cottagers who are not members, encourage them to join and STAND UNITED with the WCA!

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May 14, 2017   |  Committee News, Membership

Getting closer to the goal!

Membership in your WCA rises to 1927 as of May 14. If you haven’t renewed or joined, do so today online at – help strengthen the association and enjoy the benefits now.

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May 7, 2017   |  Committee News, Membership

WCA Membership has risen to 1896

As of May 7 WCA Membership has risen to 1896! If you haven’t renewed or joined, do so now and beat the line up at the AGM May 17. As a member of the WCA you: -belong to the largest cottage owners organization in Manitoba that has successfully brought about a freeze on cottage lease…

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