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The Whiteshell Cottagers Association strive to keep on top of the latest issues that directly affect our members. The following collection are some of the issues we’re currently addressing. Let us know what issues are of concern to cottagers at your lake.

June 23, 2017   |  Committee News, Water Levels

Hydro Weekly Forecast for the Winnipeg River

Click the link  blow for the Hydro Weekly Lake Level Forecast for the Winnipeg River 20170623_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170616_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170609_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170602_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170526_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170519_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170512_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River 20170505_Whiteshell Lakes on Wpg River…

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June 17, 2017   |  Membership

WCA Membership up to 2040

WCA Membership up to 2040! It’s getting hotter, join the association today to show your support – enjoy the benefits.

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June 16, 2017   |  General News, Environment

Annual Road Cleanup West Hawk Lake to Falcon Lake – Volunteers Needed

Date: Saturday 24th June 2017 Volunteers are requested to gather at the District Office at Falcon Lake at 9am. Volunteers must be pre-registered by June 22nd, in order to obtain safety vests and equipment. Please contact: Richard Babyak at either 204-475-4996 or 204- 349-8406 Lunch will follow after the event, provided by the WCA.

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June 16, 2017   |  Committee News, Environment

Recycle Everywhere Bin Bag Distribution Event

Recycle Everywhere is planning a Bin Bag distribution event with Minister Hon Cathy Cox at Falcon Lake on July 15 from 12-2pm.  They will be holding a free barbeque and inviting cottagers to come get their recycling Bin Bags free of charge. It will be held at the green space before the beach and across…

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June 10, 2017   |  Membership

WCA membership rises to 2027

Whiteshell Cottagers Association membership has risen to 2027. A big thank you to members for your show of support. Please help us push the numbers up…if you know of fellow cottagers who are not members, convince them to join your WCA to create a louder collective voice! Remember STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

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June 6, 2017   |  Environment

Response from Minister Cox – Zebra Mussels

Today, the WCA received a response  from the Department of Sustainable Development to the May 23rd letter regarding Zebra Mussels sent  from Ronald Smith, WCA President.  Refer to Click below to see the response from James Duncan, Director, Wildlife and Fisheries Branch on behalf of Minister Cox. SDEVM17-00817 – RONALD SMITH – FINAL LETTER  

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